The Sam Francis Gallery at Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences Presents

“Introspection: Stories Beneath the Surface”


Exhibition: Feb. 15 - March 15

Opening Reception: Thursday, Feb. 15 // 4-6 p.m.


Organized by:

Felice Badong, Mia Gleiberman, Wes Mahony, Josh Neidorf, Elijah Solow-Ohashi, Niklas Stahle, Emily Sures, Lizzy Tommey, Lyla Trilling, Desiree Webb, Sarah Zeiger

“Introspection: Stories Beneath the Surface” is a student-curated exploration of meaning beyond superficial value. As humans, we often limit our judgement to what we can see—the face value of an object, a work of art, a person, etc.—and neglect to understand the deeper significance. The underlying goal of “Introspection” is to reveal these hidden meanings and add additional layers to what may have once appeared one-dimensional.

Sculptures from Karen Lee Williams and Maika’i Tubbs shed light on the delicate nature of our ecosystem, while Anna Mayer uses sculpture to represent the complexity of human relationships. Kang Seung Lee’s graphite drawings capture the essence of chaos, and through paintings of people and their personal objects, Amir H. Fallah captures the human spirit. Kelly McLane’s paintings explore the underlying intimacy between nature and man, and Michael Henry Hayden’s paintings force a deeper understanding of facades. Jeremy Blake uses visual vocabularies to illustrate hidden stories, and Dakota Noot’s paintings depict the exploration of self-identity and the portrayal of various states of being. Through sculpture, Macha Suzuki takes his subjects out of their original context to reveal their hidden meaning. Robert Weingarten explores the real history and truth behind people and the scenery that surrounded them.